The Fatal Flaw

Governments failure was inevitable.

The structural design is good. Citizens were to provide governmental requirements to elected representatives (Congress) who would write the procedures (Laws) upon which the nation would function. A chief executive (President) would then manage the nation under the laws written by Congress. An audit function (Supreme Court) was provided to confirm that the laws passed by Congress were in fact the will of its citizens.

The fatal flaw was giving Congress with no term limits unrestricted authority to write the Laws. The result is a self-perpetuating patronage based bureaucracy who have failed in every way to provide an adequate set of laws to manage the nation. The end result is a government failing to meet either the intent of the Constitution or the ability to manage the nation. This vacuum has allowed the chief executive to exercise unlimited authority and has virtually destroyed the effectiveness of the Supreme Court.

This fatal flaw must be corrected if the nation is to survive.

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