The Nation in decline



I had hoped against hope that the government would turn around but the nine years I have worked on the project has seen nothing but continued erosion.

My new book, Our Nation in Decline deals specifically with the causes and the need for a restorative project. The new book identifies specifically the stagnation brought about by years of poor leadership, institutional flaws and a destructive political process. The recent election has shown that citizens have finally recognized governmental failure.

The original book USGOV.FIX published in 2010 identified governmental flaws and some general recommended FIXES.  The second book USGOV.REBUILD made specific recommendations for institutional leadership and the economy.  Both are still available at Amazon in Paperbook and Kindle as well as the new Our Nation in Decline.

In addition to my change in governmental evaluation I am changing my focus. The magnitude of governmental failure is now so great that attacking the whole is beyond reason. The one most significant factor which
might start a turnaround are term limits. These have long been recognized as a need for the Legislature but with the quagmire of laws a review of the Judicial might be in order.

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