The intent of USGOV.FIX is to create an advocacy group committed to rebuilding  the  Republic defined in the Constitution.  I believe that a dedicated advocacy group can be achieved using the internet and the current (or perhaps future) social media. My perception sees each member as a nucleus to a network keeping other members apprised of current state of the effort. The hope is that networks will build on networks to a sizable advocacy force.

I believe the advocacy group should be a low profile effort, street marches, banners and carnival exhibitions open the door to all sorts of unsavory and decadent behavior as the Tea Party found.
This website will be the starting point for coordintion and will function as a bulletin board.   The recommended starting point is to read USGOV.FIX which provide a detailed analysis of the need. For those who are already convinced of the need the new book USGOV.REBUILD defines the beginning steps in the rebuild process. It will deal with two major problems, the Institution and the Economy.

This was my original kick-off for USGOV.FIX in 2010 updated for my second book USGOV.REBUILD My latest in the series is Our Nation in Decline now available at Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle. When will citizens recognize the decline and take action? Six years has happened with no visible effort though I think the Trump phenomena might finally point out the vacuity of the electoral process.

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