Governments failure was inevitable.

The structural design is good. Citizens were to provide governmental requirements to elected representatives (Congress) who would write the procedures (Laws) upon which the nation would function. A chief executive (President) would then manage the nation under the laws written by Congress. An audit function (Supreme Court) was provided to confirm that the laws passed by Congress were in fact the will of its citizens.

The fatal flaw was giving Congress with no term limits unrestricted authority to write the Laws. The result is a self-perpetuating patronage based bureaucracy who have failed in every way to provide an adequate set of laws to manage the nation. The end result is a government failing to meet either the intent of the Constitution or the ability to manage the nation. This vacuum has allowed the chief executive to exercise unlimited authority and has virtually destroyed the effectiveness of the Supreme Court.

This fatal flaw must be corrected if the nation is to survive.

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The old guy is back, turned 96 recently.

The recent (2016) election has confirmed the fragility of our government as espoused in the UsGov.Fix series of books. Rather than deal with broad general issues I am going to concentrate on term limits. The need in Congress has been an accepted principle for decades. Maybe with the current turmoil maybe we can get it done.

Will keep you posted.

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Fifty years ago a brash young President established an objective to put a man on the moon in ten years. By providing adequate technical resources the mission was accomplished.

Fifty years later a brash young President established an objective for a national healthcare system. Instead of providing adequate technical resources the project was assigned to Congress.

The result was/is a disaster.

The impact goes far beyond the waste of time and money involved. The Affordable Care Act is an Information Technology failure. It is not a system. It is a vague set of rules which has thrown the entire healthcare universe into chaos. It will leave national healthcare even more fragmented than before and make an adequate system much more difficult to achieve. It could well set national healthcare back a decade.

We have no choice now but to live with this amateur effort. It will have to run its course and be replaced. Hopefully the next iteration will finally provide an adequate healthcare (system).

The Affordable Care Act is probably not as tragic as the decision to invade Iraq but it is another example of the inadequacy of Governmental leadership. How much longer can the nation survive the abject failure of the Washington establishment? I have studied government for seventy five years and have never seen such chaos.

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The old guy is back in operation after some health setbacks, just turned 96.

The original analysis for USGOV.FIX was done following the 2008 meltdown. A retired Computer plus Information Technology pioneer I have followed government for my adult life. The original analysis was a broad overview of the nations government. Originally published in 2010 USGov.Fix was updated in 2012 to reflect the upcoming election. The primary intent was to initiate a citizen dialogue to address the very obvious problems in the institutional government.

In 2013 the second book of the USGov.Fix series was published. Titled USGOV.REBUILD it dealt in more detail concentrating on the institutional government and the economy. Up to that point I had reached the conclusion that while there were basic governmental flaws they were fixable.

With the continued governmental erosion I went back to the analytical drawing board and determined there are deeper flaws which are destroying the nation. The nation is in decline and in the new century these flaws have coalesced into critical mass. This initiated the third book in the series. The Nation in Decline is now available on Amazon. At age 94 I didn’t have time to write a long book. A very concise book it can be read in an hour and provides a powerful message on the Nations decline. I priced it at six bucks so anyone can afford it. It’s also available on Kindle.

Starting with the Constitution the book identifies the flaws which have allowed the creation of an inadequate institutional government which is simply inadequate to manage this great nation. The major factors leading to the decline are identified in a conversational mode intended to initiate a citizens dialogue. That was my original objective with USGOV.FIX. Both the original books and the new one is available on Amazon.

In summation the nine years I have worked on the project has seen only continued erosion of our Federal Government. The latest election was unquestionable testimony to that fact. My focus is now shifting to one single objective. The need for Congressional term limits for Congress has been recognized for decades and certainly been a key point in the USGov.Fix evaluation.

I will keep you posted on requirements to meet this objective.

Tom Hopper>

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I had hoped against hope that the government would turn around but the nine years I have worked on the project has seen nothing but continued erosion.

My new book, Our Nation in Decline deals specifically with the causes and the need for a restorative project. The new book identifies specifically the stagnation brought about by years of poor leadership, institutional flaws and a destructive political process. The recent election has shown that citizens have finally recognized governmental failure.

The original book USGOV.FIX published in 2010 identified governmental flaws and some general recommended FIXES.  The second book USGOV.REBUILD made specific recommendations for institutional leadership and the economy.  Both are still available at Amazon in Paperbook and Kindle as well as the new Our Nation in Decline.

In addition to my change in governmental evaluation I am changing my focus. The magnitude of governmental failure is now so great that attacking the whole is beyond reason. The one most significant factor which
might start a turnaround are term limits. These have long been recognized as a need for the Legislature but with the quagmire of laws a review of the Judicial might be in order.

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